We take your privacy seriously

Adblock Luna VPN is a part of Sensor Tower, a leading provider of insights in the mobile ecosystem.

In this page, we go into detail of our data handling procedures and how your data ultimately helps the world understand mobile trends.

This page is based on our Privacy Policy, which is the ultimate authority on our privacy policy and practices. We encourage you to read it carefully to fully understand our policy and practices, and the rights you have in governing your personal information.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We only process the data we need
  • We do not want to know who you are individually
  • We de-identify any personal information we collect
  • We generate anonymous, aggregate insights about the mobile ecosystem, never insights into individual users
  • We never sell any of your personal information to third parties
  • We never intentionally handle any of your sensitive data

Why do we collect data?

In order to block ads and preserve your privacy, we only route ad-related internet traffic from your device to our servers. In fact, Adblock Luna VPN is purpose-built to ensure only certain advertising and analytics domains are routed to our servers. To do this, we use a method called Split-Tunneling, which ensures only some domains are proxied, as illustrated in the following figure.

As a result, we never intentionally access or handle any sensitive data from apps that you may use to manage sensitive aspects of your life, like your health or finances.

Your identity is private.

Your personal identity is private and we do not collect it or sell it to others.
We do collect some limited personal information such as:

  • Device type
  • Browser version
  • Ad requested
  • Ad content
  • Country
  • Name of requesting app
  • User birth year
  • User gender

This personal information is de-identified upon collection using a generic ID associated with the installation of your Adblock Luna VPN app. If you uninstall Adblock Luna VPN, any data that was collected becomes permanently anonymized.

While we do receive your IP address when the above limited personal information is collected and sent to us from your device, we scrub it from our logs soon after it is received.

How is the data used?

We also never sell or share any of your personal information. We also never share, sell, or provide any degree of access to the raw data handled by our apps.

Data Processing

Before any data is shown on our platform, each data point:

  • Is anonymized and stripped of any personal information
  • Is aggregated with data from other users
  • Goes through several statistical research models

Data Analysis

Once fully anonymized, the data collected informs aggregate insights displayed on the Ad Intel and Usage Intel products in the Sensor Tower platform. Leveraged by our in-house Data Science team, the data helps to answer critical questions about mobile trends, including:

  • How many people use a certain app?
  • How often do people use certain apps?
  • How much time is spent on certain apps?
  • What are the top Advertisers in a certain network?
  • Where are certain apps being advertised?

Please see the figures below for examples of insights that we can generate with the help of the data collected through our apps.

Why do we support user installation of a root certificate?

While it's certainly possible to block some ads without a certificate, it is needed to remove ads in popular apps such as Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, Twitch, etc., where ads and regular content are served together.

Users are not required to install the certificate, and can use Adblock Luna VPN without it. However, doing so limits the app’s functionality.

Why use our apps?

We strongly believe we have the best-in-class mobile adblocker; our apps have been used and trusted by millions of users since 2014.

Additionally, by using these apps, you can help us create meaningful insights on the global state of the mobile ecosystem. Due to our unique business structure, we can provide you these apps completely free.

More Information

For any questions, you can contact us at data-protection@sensortower.com

Stay up-to-date on the insights we produce by following our Blog.

For in-depth details on our privacy policy and practices, please refer to our Privacy policy